Feb. 10th, 2017

calissa: A black and white photo of a large, dark teapot and a small Chinese teacup with a fish painted on the side (Tea)

Loose-leaf Links, Earl Grey Editing. Salamanca Blend, The Art of Tea, loose-leaf tea

Loose-leaf Links is a feature where I gather together the interesting bits and pieces on sci-fi and fantasy I’ve come across and share them with you over tea. Today’s tea is the Salamanca Blend from The Art of Tea. A mix of green and black, it’s a light tea with a strong combination of fruity and floral scents.

I’m a little light on links for this edition. My energy has been going to finishing off the last of the reading for the Aurealis Awards, leaving me without much left for my usual news sources. However, since I have just one book to go (!!), I should be back up to speed for my next edition.

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