Oct. 7th, 2013 08:15 pm
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Today was a public holiday in Australia and it has been just what I've needed. I had a couple of social commitments this weekend (a birthday party and a game of D&D). Finishing Children of the Crown Wars on Friday morning meant I could fully relax into those things.

Over the last few weeks--and particularly in the last week--my focus had really become narrowed down to just finishing the story. I wasn't even worried about finishing it well, just finishing it. I was sick of seeing That Damn Story (and every story becomes That Damn Story in the end). So when I finished it, I felt like I had been given my life back. There was suddenly space for other things in my head--like poetry, gardening and seeing friends.

This sense of space is deceptive, however. In order to finish CotCW I had cleared everything that wasn't absolutely essential off my calendar and to-do list. Now I need to catch up on those things. Particularly editing deadlines. I have a week to have CotCW edited into proper shape. I've recovered enough from writing it that I'm not too concerned about it (at this stage, anyway). I'm more preoccupied with needing to finish reading the submissions for the Gold Coast anthology in short order and another job from one of my regular clients. Guess I know what I'll be busy with this week.

At some stage I hope to take some time to reflect on the process of writing CotCW. I think there are some lessons to be learned. My word count massively increased--to the point where I wrote more in one day than I did for the entirety of August. I had not thought that physically possible. I know it's not sustainable. I can't afford to permanently set aside that much time in my schedule. Also, my body just wouldn't be able to handle that level of strain. In fact, I was surprised that it coped as well as it did--practically no high pain days and just some increased pain levels for 48 hours after finishing the story (I'm feeling good tonight). This leads me to think that I could push a little harder than I had been doing prior to my deadline rush, both physically and in terms of word count. However, I need to be smart about how I do it.

I'm considering posting CotCW up here once I'm done with it. If you're interested in being included on my writing filter, please let me know :)


Oct. 4th, 2013 11:51 am
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I just finished the first draft of Children of the Crown Wars. At last.

I now have ten days to get it properly edited.

But first I need chocolate and time away from my desk.
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I celebrated Imbolc last Thursday. To me, it has always seemed to be a strange, middling time--a time of transition, I suppose. Winter is not yet done with us and yet there are flowers springing up everywhere. At the moment where I live the earliest of the fruit trees are blossoming, the wattle is beginning to hit its stride and the violets are showing their shy little faces. These ones popped up unexpectedly, taking advantage of the space where the old lavender bush had been.

 photo IMG_0440_zpsfbcf50af.jpg

This year Imbolc took place in a patch of gorgeous weather. For the first time in months it was warm enough to open up the house. Today, in contrast, is grey and cold. Winter has settled back in for a bit longer--not unexpectedly. It actually suits my mood because I'm feeling rather out of sorts.

September looms on the horizon. Birthday season. Nightmare month. Although it's a little under 4 weeks away, it's already booked up--I don't have a single quiet weekend. I also have an October 1 deadline for a story I've barely started. That means I need to have it finished by the end of this month if I want to avoid making September even more crazy than it already is. Just one more "should" to add to a long list.

That long list of "shoulds" is the reason I'm feeling so out of sorts at the moment. I find myself resisting all of them, though I know I'll feel better once I start to make some progress. I had thought about particularly concentrating on self-care during September, since I'm unlikely to get much done. However, perhaps I need to start a bit earlier. Some small bit of fun is needed to shake me out of this funk.


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