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Welp, cross-posting from the Earl Grey Editing site is borked and I've been unable to fix it with my meagre tech skills. Apologies to anyone who was following along here. You should still be able to subscribe for email notifications or follow it via RSS.
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20141105 Chippa 8

It is Chippa's fourth birthday today. Or, more accurately, the fourth anniversary of his adoption. We had a family lunch to celebrate and I have been counting my blessings all day.

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Apr. 12th, 2014 04:51 pm
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20140403 Mushrooms 1

I've been feeling a bit swamped of late. None of it is at all serious. I just have a ton of posts I want to write and am falling behind with blog reading and commenting once again (apologies all). I had a massage on Wednesday which left me too sore to do much and on Thursday I spent some time with my family. All of which was very lovely but has left me feeling a bit scattered and needing to get back to routine. To compound matters, Daylight Savings ended last weekend and my body still hasn't quite adjusted to waking up and eating meals an hour later.

There is joy to be found, however. My nephew continues to charm and delight with his big blue eyes, cute dimples and ready smile. He has all the women in the family--my self included--wrapped around his little finger. It won't be long until he is crawling and then look out world!

Writing has been continuing reasonably well when I have been managing to sit down. [ profile] saiena convinced me to try writing drabbles as a warm-up to a writing session and I have been find that to have worked so far. I'll probably post them once I have collected a few more.

We took Chippa to the vet today to check out a lump he had developed on his back. It is looking like a delayed vaccine reaction rather than cancer or anything alarming. He'll go back in a week to make sure but it does come as something of a relief.

Then this afternoon I headed out to have coffee with a friend who was struggling with feedback on his novel. It feels like ages since I last had a good face-to-face chat with someone about the craft of writing and I rather enjoyed it.

Now, off to do some more work!
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Merry belated Christmas to all those who celebrate it. The last few days have been a whirlwind of friends and family. I recognise that I am very fortunate that this was the case. At the same time, it has been very draining and I have been a bit short on energy. Today was a relatively quiet day and I have been very grateful for it.

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All in all, it was a lovely day. Just a bit long.
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I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts over the last week and a half. Editing has picked up and I haven't had as much time for my November Project efforts as I'd like. I'm hanging in there, but I feel like I've not been giving it my best.

Day 18: photo )

Day 19 involved an attempt at repurposing an old birthday card as a "thinking of you" note for a friend who has been going through a tough time (in fact, that has been true of a number of friends recently *sends hugs*). I'm still not quite finished with that yet--there was a small hiccup and I haven't finished gathering the materials I need to complete it.

Day 20 was How Are You haiku over on [personal profile] jjhunter's journal.

Thunderstorms rolled on on Day 21, sending my pain levels soaring. I retreated to the couch and spent the day reading. It has so far been the only day I have missed on my November Project.

Day 22: photo )

Day 23: photos )

By Day 24 I was feeling particularly discouraged with my November Project efforts. Realising I had fallen into a pattern of thinking that I had to do either photography or poetry, I unearthed the list of ideas I had made at the beginning of the month. I spent the evening working on a Zentangle, helped along by a demo video on YouTube. It wasn't anything fancy, but it helped relax me and break me out of the rut I was in.

I spent some time on Day 25 working on the story bible for Wolfwinter. I have a little bit left to go and then it will be on to sorting out the mess that is the plot.

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Many of you know that animal welfare is an issue close to my heart. My two darling dogs (that's them in my icon) were rescued and fostered before joining my family. So the following story hit close to home.

Three 10-week-old puppies were found by [personal profile] raze in a drainage ditch beside an abandoned building on a night when the temperatures were set to hit freezing. They were so ridden with fleas they had become anemic. [personal profile] raze fosters more dogs, cats, turtles, rodents and other creatures than I can count, so had no problem taking the puppies in.

However, feeding and caring for all these animals is expensive. A fundraiser has been started to cover the cost of caring for the puppies. [personal profile] raze only needs $150 (that's $50 for each puppy). If you can contribute anything at all, even just a couple of dollars, it would mean so much.


Nov. 23rd, 2012 08:30 am
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As I was going through my morning routine I heard a sound at our front gate. My study has a good view of the front of the house, so I looked out to see what was going on. I saw Mitch waiting to be let in. My amusement at this knows no bounds.
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As I mentioned in the comments on my previous post, Sahaquiel took our visitor to the vet yesterday morning to be scanned for a microchip. It turned out that his name was Mitch but that the contact details on his microchip were out of date. This meant that he had to be turned into the pound.

Sahaquiel dropped Mitch off at the pound on the way to work. My sweetheart is a sensitive soul who tears up at weddings and movies that leave me dry-eyed, so this was the first trauma in what proved to be a very traumatic day for him. I was also very upset at the notion of leaving Mitch at the pound. I kept an eye on their website all day yesterday, hoping to keep track of his fate. However, they never listed him.

This morning I discovered the reason why: the pound must have been able to get in contact with his owner and return him. Because this morning (as I was pulling out of the driveway in the car with my own dogs on the way to walk them with Sahaquiel's mum), I saw Mitch cross the road and come trotting in the direction of our house. I immediately stopped the car and went to pick him up.

Sahaquiel called the pound and explained the situation. The pound were able to get in contact with the owner (again) and gave him our details. The owner came by not long ago and picked Mitch up from our house. It turns out that Mitch likes to dig holes, is a bit of an escape artist, was adopted from the pound and has been through a few different owners. His current one was possibly just a little exasperated by the digging, but seemed to care a great deal for Mitch. I was a little sad to say goodbye to Mitch, but it comes as a great relief to know that someone cares for him.

 photo Mitch2.jpg


Nov. 20th, 2012 07:01 pm
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I started writing a post here about procrastination and what I was doing creatively this month. Then Sahaquiel came home and talked me into walking the dog, whereupon we picked up a stray. He has no collar and the vet is shut for the evening, so it seems like he's ours for the night. My own dogs were rather less than impressed, especially since he is a friendly fellow who has decided that I am his. Their relationship is rather neatly captured below.

 photo IMG_0177.jpg

I seem to manage to collect stray dogs with relative frequency. Hopefully, we can find this fellow his home again, or at the very least another good one.


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