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The railing behind the sculpture overlooks the platypus pond at Tidbinbilla's wetland sanctuary.

The hot weather continues unabated. The aircon has been getting a work out and I've been tearing through the ice. I really need to get organised and make myself a proper batch of iced tea. But despite my complaining, I'm managing fairly well. I've had a few aches today which may suggest a storm might arrive tomorrow. A quick look at the weather bureau seems to confirm this theory. The rain will make it muggy, but the garden will welcome the water. The vegetable patch is looking a little wilted.

Work continues. After complaining how difficult I'd found writing my first review of the year, I was a little amused to discover it took me half the time to write my second review of the year. This was despite them being of comparable length. I really should learn to cut myself some slack.

Today I actually managed to wrangle a little spare time to deal with some non-urgent admin-type stuff. And promptly found that I was making more work for myself. One of my tasks was to voted in the GUFF race. GUFF is a fan fund that will be sending an Australian fan to Helsinki for WorldCon later this year. There are four nominees. I was talking with one of them on Twitter around the same time I was voting. It was about another matter entirely, but I found myself thinking about the time I ran for NAFF (which is basically the same thing, but to AussieCon rather than WorldCon). I'd offered the other nominees a chance to guest post on my blog. I figured the same thing might be useful for GUFF. So, I contacted all the nominees about being interviewed and they agreed.

On one hand I wonder why I do this to myself. It's not like I don't have enough on my plate. On the other hand, I think this is something that will be of interest to the community.

The drawback to all this work is that I've been skimping on time for my own writing again.
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Life has been getting away from me recently, helped along by my unfortunate tendency to over-schedule myself. Last weekend was a long weekend and was very much welcome.

However, it seems as if I may soon have plenty of time on my hands. My work contract runs out at the end of the month and the chances of it being renewed are slim indeed. I know that my bosses are all very happy with my work and would dearly like to keep me on, but conditions are against them. Public service departments are faced with shrinking budgets and getting rid of contractors like me tends to be their first step in cutting costs. Given that the majority of employment in this city is with the public service and that all departments are in the same situation as the one I'm currently working for, finding another job in the near future promises to be difficult.

I have just seven days left of actually being in the office--two next week and five the week after. I have three days off next week to celebrate the Winter Solstice and to remember how to relax.


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